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Don't know how I'm gonna tell you, I can't play with you no more

I'm currently trying to do about a million things at let me slow it down a bit and explain.

Crew ended today at 5. I was still busy planning STUNTS stuff with Eric, so by the time most people left (around 5:30...we ran really late tonight) I was still working.

It wasn't until 6:30 that I finally left the school building.

Then I went to Target. Needed makeup (base and powder) and nylons (black). Got both. Spent $18. Grrr...

Got gas. Thankfully the parents pay for this. And a little interesting note...where did I go with my last tank of gas?
-Lake Bluff
-Vernon Hills
-School...19 times

Fun stuff.

After gas, I went to Barnes and Noble. Got Ender's Game along with The Story of B, which is by Daniel Quinn, the author of Ishmael, which I loved. Thanks to mercgirl57 for your suggestions! Maybe I'll pick those up next time.

Now I'm home. I just made dinner and am trying to eat while typing. The parents are at a wake tonight, so I'm on my own for a while. I need to respond to my emails and send out the STUNTS Calendar and Agenda for the meeting tomorrow. I should also do my homework, which isn't due until Wednesday, but I'm not going to want to do it on my birthday. I'm also trying to read my friends page...all simultaneously.

Oh, and I should try to find a blank tape so I can try to tape something for Mommy. Everwood?

Oy. So much to do. And I'm really tired. Good thing I'm sleeping until 10:15 tomorrow.

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