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Don't pay no attention to me...

My cat is purring so loudly that I can hear her under two blankets and my bed. Comfy, kitty?

Went to crew from 2-4:30 today. We set up cyc lights to...well...light the cyc. Duh. 'Twas fun because it was only Phatty, Chazz, Rob, Candace and I. And well...Eric...but duh again.

Then I went up to Cici's apartment to try my hand at a couple new icons. I managed this one. The pretty and the new album and the squee. I love Rob Thomas, and that honestly can't be said enough. I can't tell if it's hard to read...I know what it says so it's hard for me to judge. For those that can't figure it out though, it says "What am I supposed to do about it?"

Mmm...November 16th.

And now I'm home. And bored. And considering a nap before Phatty's party at 7. Mmm...sleep.

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