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Morning Glow....

Ah, Pippin. So long ago.

I dropped off film at Walgreens. The one hour service is going to take 2 hours. It's a little disappointing, but there's nothing they can do. Besides, me the "super nice, guiding light customer", I don't complain. And there was this mega-bitch in front of me, so I wouldn't have complained even if I wanted to.

I really want to get my film though. There are puppies at the sound check party on that roll. There are also a bunch of kitty pictures I'm going to scan and make a kitty page on my website. Cus she's cute. Hee hee. But what I really want is the 6 soundcheckparty pictures that are on that roll...puppies!

Must shower, I feel really gross (yes, I went to Walgreens without showering...ewww, but it's Walgreens). Then, I'm gonna go to Best Buy (probably both the one in Deerfield and the one in Vernon Hills). Hopefully one of them will have Clerks or Tabitha's Secret Live. Then I'll go to the Target in Vernon Hills, cus they have lots of Frappuccino. The one in Highland Park just sucks.

Hmmm, I think it's about time for that shower...bye!

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