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And I thought, Well, if it's over...I had better ended quick or I could lose all my nerve...

Eeee! Listening to clips from the new Matchbox album at a link musicdependant posted. (EDIT: Her journal is friend's locked. Heh. The site is in French, but they are under the "news" heading on the left.) So good.

It needs to be November 19th RIGHT NOW.

I'm up way too earlier. And I've actually been up since 7. Dammit.

Nothing much to do today. Was considering shopping, but have nothing to buy. Could waste my money on CDs...but the ones I want haven't been released yet (Matchbox Twenty, 3 Doors Down). Double dammit.

Had Cheerios for breakfast (Honey Nut, of course). And that has been the highlight of the day so far. Anyone up for a triple dammit?

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