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I should've been dead on a Sunday morning...

Bah, this day has sucked.

It was fun in the fact that it was Halloween. And so festive-ness abounded at school. And both of my "real classes" watched videos. And I got an A on my APES test. So yay.

Then crew was very hard and long and strenuous. And I was the only Senior to stay until 6:15 like we were supposed to be. Most of them Candace left at 4:30. Nikki and Phatty at 5. None of the rest showed up.

This pisses me off because we have leadership positions for the reason of responsibility. And yet people are not responsible enough to even COME to crew. Fuck them all. I worked hard today and deserve whatever position is coming to me for both the Fine Arts Assembly next Monday, and later in the year for the Musical and Dance Show. I put all of myself and my effort into this program and it pisses me off when people like that dismiss it so easily. FUCK THEM ALL.


I got 10 emails in my inbox. Fuck my mother and her damn forwards. I think about half of them might be real mail.

Party at Rob's tonight. I really don't feel in the mood to go. I'm fairly certain I'll just end up bitching someone out.

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