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Things That Scare Me at 3am

(list compiled after moving my car off the street)

1.) Creepy bug sounds. Not crickets. I don't like crickets, but I'm not scared of them. It's the bug sounds that I don't know what they belong to that freak me out. You know, the bugs that gobble up 16 year old girls in one bite.

2.) How everything is really dark.

3.) That I can't see where I'm walking and can only hear my footsteps. I watch my feet as I walk, but really can't even makeout the outline of my sandal

4.) That the grass is all wet (okay, this isn't scary, it's just gross)

5.) That everything (no matter how dark it is) casts a shadow

6.) That my mind makes the shadows move

7.) That footsteps echo in the dark and causes me to look frightfully behind me as I walk up my own driveway (I don't believe in ghosts, but I believe in rapists)

8.) That trees look like people

9.) That my mind is so convinced that something bad is going to happen, that it makes me scared of the 8 previous items.

*Gone - NSYNC
*South of Tennessee - Evan and Jaron
*I'll Be That Girl - Barenaked Ladies

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