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Happy now and happiness and happy ever after!


So I blame Vanilla Sky for my current insanity. I have been having dreams lately...I think. I don't know. They feel really real. And the first night, I thought it was real. But last night it happened again.

Alright, so I use my cell phone as my alarm clock (it has a much nicer tone than my alarm...which basically makes me go insane). Monday night, I set it for 7:15. It ends up going off at 6:20, waking me up. I hit the snooze button and lay back down. I glance over at my actual alarm clock and realize that it's 6:22. Odd, I think, so I double check with my VCR and check to make sure my cell phone had the right time on it.

They were all the same. Okay. So I reset the alarm for 7:15 again (which it was at before) and go back to sleep.

Last night, I am again awoken by my alarm, but this time it's 5:30. I notice the error has again taken place and reset the alarm and go back to sleep.

But now I'm wondering if it ever really happened. I would have sworn to it yesterday, until it happened again. And how does my cell phone just decide to go off at a random time? It's set with the right time and the alarm is set for the right time. I just don't understand!!!


That was my crisis of the day. ;-)

And I now have lots of money. My godmother sent me $10 for Halloween, and mommy gave me money for dinner tonight. Actually, I don't think I'm paying, so I will pocket it, and start saving for Christmas presents.

And with money will start coming for my birthday as well. Yay! 6 days! Woo!

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