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Lets talk about sex, baaybee. Let's talk about you and me

Wow...haven't heard this song in AGES, but it was on the radio coming home. Ha ha.

My mother is insane. She sends me this email:
I carved our pumpkin this morning and never even asked if you'd like to do it.

I am a bad mother!!!! I Am So Sorry!!! I'll gladly buy another if you would like to do one too... are a bad mother for not letting me carve a pumpkin? It's not that you blow off my chorus concerts because of a nail appointment or ditch most of my theatre productions for no good reason whatsoever.

*sigh* Mothers. They'll never learn.

Had a pretty good day. I think I look cute, so all the better. ;-)

No homework! Whee!

No crew because Eric is sick. Awww...

And I'm home. Hmm...nap for a couple hours before I go out to dinner?

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