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And I hope you like jammin' too

School. Long, boring.

Had fun free periods. We got the nomination sheets for the Senior survey thing (Best Eyes, Best Hair, Friendliest, etc.) so we were filling it out during 6th and 8th today. Tons o' fun.

Crew was interesting. At first, we had a few issues with having 4 events scheduled in 2 rooms, and Eric wasn't there. But Candace and I figured most of it out and reorganized. Then Eric came and all went well.

We ended at 5 so that Candace, Eric, Dan Swartz (Musical Theatre Troupe director and Color Guard sponser) and I could get food before BAND-O-RAMA!!!

Band-O-Rama is the marching band concert thing. It was uber fun and fairly short with lots of good music and nothing long and tedious. Mmm...attention span of a rock...

This is where "Jammin'" came into play. It was a song and is now in my head. Hmm...I have a Bob Marley CD. I could listen to it now.

Alright, well. I don't have so much homework. And I'm not doing what I do have. I will however be showering soon and getting to bed. Don't want to be getting sick!

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