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I swear...journal has taken over my life

Every time something happens, like I, I don't know, receive a cool piece of e-mail, or I decided I'm going to bed, I rush to journal to write about it. But it's comforting in a way.

I re-read my long-long entry from today. I kinda like the way it reads out. So me. So jumbled. So many different topics. So much randomness. I love randomness. Hmmmm.

Well, it's bed time. Nothing going on tomorrow (yet). Zoe's at school, and the STUNTS meeting got canceled (3 hours that I won't be sitting at school...yes there is a god). The meetings aren't bad, but I'd so much rather be doing nothing than something.

I'm feeling better, can ya tell? Yay.

Shit. Car's still on the street. Construction at 7am tomorrow. Go move it now or hope that mommy will move it in the morning. I'm so tired. And it's technically past curfew (cus I'm sure the cops will pull me over for driving a block and parking.) I really don't want to go outside. It's almost 3am. blah.

Gah! Stupid conscious!! I'm going to move my car, then going to bed. Good night.

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