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Hike up your skirt a little your world to me

*sigh* Long day.

School was school. I don't really have any English homework, but for APES, I'm supposed to be reading 30 pages in A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold...some famous nature guy. I think I'd rather stab my eyes with sharp objects like Oedipus.

After school we had a short introductory STUNTS meeting. Rehearsals begin tomorrow, but today was a "meet your casts" sort of thing, mostly informational.

Then I went to strike. The entire set is down. No more giant castle with turret. It's all gone. And all the props and costumes have been put away. It was a lot of hard work, and I was so tired today. I got the worst night of sleep last night. It took me 2 hours to even fall asleep...and then I woke up twice, for about a half-hour each. Oy!

So anyway, strike went late. Until 6:20. Which meant I didn't get out of there until 15 minutes later. Begin panic. I was supposed to be at a doctor's appointment at 7:30, which meant I needed to leave the house at 7, because it takes a fucking long time to get to Rand Road in Arlington Heights.

So I'm rushing around to finish things and complete the shut down and at 6:35 I'm walking out of the building. Alright, I think to myself, I have 25 minutes, and I really need a shower because I'm gross. Damn, I wanted to shave tonight. Fuck, I was going to go to Target before the doctor to get shave gel. Dammit. Alright, shower but no shave, extremely quick dinner. I'll cook it while I cleanse myself...

THEN. I get stopped by a train on Greenwood. A fucking freight train. I freak out. 6:40. Fuck. I'm going to have 15 minutes. Alright, no time for a shower. Need to change shirt, brush hair and put it up in a pony tail, make quick dinner, and eat it in the car.

So that's what I did. All the while cursing and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

But I made it to doctor lady #2 with 3 minutes to spare, and I actually ended up waiting for and extra 5 minutes. *sigh* C'est la vie.

Now though. I need a shower. And to sleep. I stopped by Target on the way home to pick up shave gel. Yay. Also got animal crackers for the lockers.

God, I'm so tired.

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