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A few things:

One, my tab button isn't working. It works in the sense that when I hit it, it does stuff. However, instead of, say, going from the subject line to this box, it switches windows altogether.

It's going to hell.

Two, I damn things to hell all too often. And I don't plan on stopping.

Three, this is my 11th post today. If I were you people, I'd be kicking my ass right about now. Or have stopped reading back around the "You Don't See Me by Josie and the Pussycats is the best song ever" post. ;-)

Four, Mommy and Dad went to Long Grove today and brought me home a HUGE homemade taffy apple. Mmm...with salty crushed peanuts on the outside and good carmel and that taste that says "I was not made in factory in nowhere Ohio.

Heh. Ingredients: Apple, carmel, peanuts. Yum!

Five, Vanilla Sky was really very good. The ending totally made the entire movie, and I was waiting to see how they would resolve things. However, since it was a Cameron Crowe film, of course it was well done. The skeptic in me in impressed.

And! JASON LEE!!!!

*ahem* I'm fine. I swear.

Kurt Russell also did a fine job.

And now that I've finished it, I can finally give it back to Garvey.

That's all folks. But knowing me. And knowing today. And knowing that fact that it's only 7-ish...I'll be back. ;-)

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