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*sigh* Puppies...

PopOdyssey Tour is as good as gone. Unless I miraculously get a plane ticket to El Paso and a note saying that I have a catwalk seat waiting for me at the box office, I have let it go. Like a bird, it is flying away. Perhaps the bird will come back in DVD or IMAX form soon, but for now, I'm left with about 16 rolls of film and my memories. Bah, I want more. *sigh* I'm so damn needy.

I guess 4 times is sufficient. need. more. crack.puppies

JC had better be working on some songs for the next album though. I can't wait that long. I'm impatient. I don't care if the last album only came out a month ago. I need something new!

Fuck. I'm being creepily obsessive. Time to stop.

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