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Every knot was once straight rope

Well, hmm. My day.

Around 3 I call Candace to find out what's up with Carl's gift thing. I end up going to Northbrook Court (flames! just...flames!!) to pick up something...anything at this point. When I get home, I find that my internet is down, so I write a quick email to Jason instead.

I'm not sure when you'll get this...both because you are probably busy with homecoming and because my internet has decided to be shitty and stop working. This also means that I can't get to my journal and I'm really pissed right now and want to make an entry, but can't.

I figure that, as usual, I'll just unload myself here, burdening you far more than I should, but getting out what I can no longer keep in.

I've just had a pretty miserable day. Not because anything bad necessarily happened, but just because it's been...I don't know. I guess I feel as though I've wasted my entire day, and thus the weekend, because nothing ever happens on Sundays. I sit around at home and *bam* before you know the next morning.

Yesterday, Candace and I went shopping for Eric's gifts but being the silly and absent-minded girls that we are, completely forgot to pick up anything for Carl. We decided to just get him something small, and we were hoping for those "motivational poster" things...a little desk version of the one that says "Focus" because it had a really cute saying with it that sums up everything that this show is about. So this morning it became my task to go out and find it. I was up early (because I haven't been sleeping well) and so by 9:30, I started my venture out to Mundelein to the Hobby Lobby. No luck, so I stop at Hawthorne to pick up a card from Hallmark and check a few poster stores there. Nothing. I go to Michael's across the street and find the big posters, but not the one we wanted, and not the size we wanted.

This took about 2 hours, and then a bit later I called Candace (who had just been leaving the football game...supporting marching band and such. I would have liked to have gone, but I was running errands) and asked for any other suggestions because I couldn't find it. She had mentioned a place in Woodfield that had them, and I was going to go out there. She didn't know the name of the store, though, nor where it was located, and I've only been to Woodfield a few times (for the Apple Store and Cheesecake Factory mostly). So I told her I'd just go to Northbrook Court and see what I could find while she decided to go home and should be making a nice sign-ish thing that we could frame as a last resort...basically a make-your-own poster.

So I went to Northbrook Court. A place that I hate. On a Saturday, when everybody and their "I'm too good for you" brother is wandering around and expelling this horrible energy that made me loath the situation all the more. Tried another poster place and found nothing. Ended up at Hallmark and bought a little book full of "wisdom" and I figure that we could mark a few pages that pertain to the play (something along the lines of the quote "My brothers and sisters we are bound to each other; if one falls, we all fall" a central mantra of the play).

So now I'm home, in a heinously bad mood and annoyed beyond belief at how this day has played out. I want to just go back to bed and not wake up, but alas...even if I do attempt to nap, I need to be up before 6 to get to school by the 6:15 call. *sigh* The joys.

Ever troubled,

Things looked up after that though. The final show went great and gifts were all resolved. I got a swan, a rose, and a poem:

There once was a play called Stefanie Hero
That had a great cast who came from far and near-o.
And part of what made this play so great,
Was a girl named Gail who was really first rate!
Not only was she an AD for the cast of the show,
But she stage managed as well! (Just so you know...)
So many strong suits, and she wore them with pride
With a cast and crew in front of her
And Candace by her side.
Gail, you're the best there is near and far.
You truly are a shining star.
And so to you from the cast and the crew,
We'd like to thank you for having some "hero in you."

Gail, we love you so much, Thank you for being an amazing AD and superiour stage manager. We hope you enjoyed this experience as much as we did.
The Cast of Stefanie Hero

I'm the cutting queen tonight, apparently.

So after the show, that went really well despite a few difficulties (starting 10 minutes late because we needed to fix the set and trying to make the dragon tail work in the 3 minutes before intermission ended...). So yay. It's over and all was well.

The production party was good. I like mingling to a certain extent, and it was nice to talk to some people that I don't usually talk to...but generally I prefer things when they get smaller. So around 12:30, most people had left and the 10 or so folks left watched The Brothers and laughed at ourselves for being so white.

Zoe and I left at 2am (which was actually only 1am...damn time change!) and so I'm home now. But I'm really tired, so I'm hoping to crash soon and sleep late. Mmm...sleep.

Happy Sunday and Daylight Savings to you all!

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