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And I'd say it on the phone, if I thought you were alone

Was at Colorgenics again.

My mood hasn't changed in the past 4 weeks (I'm still "overwhelmed") but my present situation certainly did.

Your Present Situation: Your present situation is making it difficult to relax. You feel a need to be constantly observant, watching everything that is going on around you. This makes it difficult for you to let your hair down and be spontaneous. You are not comfortable with the barrier that you have created around yourself and would love to breakout in a completely new way.You want to escape a stressful situation in your life but are afraid of the consequences. You worry that if you make changes you will be worse off. In a sense you are torn between your need to break out and the risks to your security that any changes might bring.

Yearning. My mood is yearning. This song makes me yearn.

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