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I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs

liz_w is a goddess. Most definitely.

My kitty is so cute. She's sleeping on my coat and just looks all cuddly and warm. So sweet!!

School went well. I like my English class because we usually spend the first 10 minutes or so talking about important things. Today was the Fall Play (yay publicity) and the snipers.

Then we had the performance in the middle of the day. It went really well also. We have been very consistent with our shows, and it's really nice to know that things are so solid. It makes it easier to deal with problems if they come along. The first half though (when I'm not really doing anything) I was sort of day-dreaming...about, not surprising...the dream I had last night. Hee!

APES was a joke as usual. It was a great class day and a lot of it was spend laughing. My table has a lot of fun...more than we should. And Doc brought us Dunkin Munchkins and told us that our required service hours were being brought down from 6 to 4. I already have 4 hours done, so I'm set for the quarter! Sweet!!

Theatre...I spent the class time talking with Eric while the kids worked on their scenes. They are having a Game Day tomorrow, but I'll miss it for the last Freshman performance. Monday we start feedback for their scenes. Oh happy joy.

Now I'm home. Daddy's installing a new faucette and subsequent plumbing in the kitchen. He had to go to 7 different hardware stores and Home Depot 3 times to get all the supplies. Poor daddy. :-(

I have until 5:30 before I need to leave for school, so I could nap again. In fact, I might...take after my kitty, and all. :-)

First though...a few songs that would be on the Soundtrack of my Life:
-She Talks to Angels, The Black Crowes
-Hopeless, Train
-Iris, Goo Goo Dolls
-Leave, Matchbox Twenty
-Goodbye to You, Michelle Branch
-Bad Day, Fuel
-Round Here, Counting Crows

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