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Writing one great song...


It's strange. But fear not, I'll be heading back to school in about an hour. God forbid I actually be home for any significant period of time.


School was fine. I'm so tired, and hungry, and I don't really know why. But I've only got an hour, so I might grab a quick snack and a 15-minute "rest" and then get ready for the show.

Opening night.

We are sold out for all 5 night-time performances (excluding the 20 tickets available each night at the door).

This is huge. First, we can seat more people in the new Studio than in the old one. Second, we don't sell out Tuesday night shows. It just doesn't happen. We don't sell out Wednesday or Thursday nights either. We sell out Friday and Saturday, and that's it.

Oy! That's about 700 people, not including the Freshman (who see it with English classes during the day tomorrow, Thursday and Friday). Eek!

Alright, I'm going to stop freaking out now and go munch on something tasty.

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