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I want you and I'm not giving up this time

School: Fine. Student Activities Board was interesting. I'm almost sad that it only meets once a month. The APES test was easier than I thought. With any luck, I'll do well. It was one of those tests where I honestly don't know what he would give credit for, or take off credit for. And it was all short answer, so nothing was obvious. Bah.

Tech: Last day, thank god. We open tomorrow. Eep! But we got through a cue-to-cue and our second run-through. 8 more shows and it's over.

The good news is that with shows starting, I get to go home after school every day this week. I'll just have to be back by call (5:30 or 6...depending on the day). Sweet. I'll actually see day light.

Might run down to Evanston again soon. I really need an NU application so that I can start writing the 5 essays. And the slackers that they are haven't sent the one I requested. Grr...

Now, I need to shower. I'll be back soon.

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