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All the stuff that I meant to include in my last post...but I got too caught up in discussing why I spend *figures in head...then uses a calculator* between 50 and 65 hours a week at school.

I got in the car after Applebee's and turned on the radio. At 9:47, I was listening to a song on 94.7. Then, I was flipping stations when I realized that I was listening to a live Fuel concert that was airing on 9:51! I thought it was damn-cool.

"Damn-cool" is now a word. Webster's will print it in it's next revision and the origin will be attributed to me.

I still can't get over how true that line in Goodbye to You is. And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time. This is my life it's talking about. Fucked up, yo.

School again tomorrow until 9. Our last tech. Our final dress. We open Tuesday night. We are so screwed, and I'm just looking forward to closing the show on Saturday. As far as I'm concerned (and a host of others as well), the show is already over for me.

However, this means that I get to go home after school Tuesday through Friday and just come back at either 5:30 or 6 for call and then the shows. And I'm field tripped out of several classes this week for the daytime performances. Oy. We do 8 shows. 8. Eight. Dammit.

I really should have studied for APES.

Quote of the week:
Aunt Judy: That was a beautiful wedding. It lasted what...? 10 years?
Mom: It's because he was short.

Followed closely by:
[talking about a Zip disk being fat...]
Me: Sure, it's bigger than your average floppy...but it has feelings too!! :'(
Jason: it might become bulimic and start spitting your data back out at you
Me: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was hilarious
Jason: i'm glad that amuses you :-)
Me: Yes. There is a bit of wrongness to it all, but it amused me greatly. Sort of like a dead baby joke

Good times, good times. And now I'm off to bed. Finally.

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