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I feel like I've started all over again, the last three years were just pretend

Contrary to my mood of "*sigh*" I'm actually very content.

Just got home from my STUNTS Board meeting that went very well. We got through everything we needed to get through, plus we had fun. The Board is such a great group of diverse and respecting people and we all get along very well. It's fantastic.

I should be studying for the APES test tomorrow, but I think I'll try to do that during my free periods.

I have to be up a half-hour earlier tomorrow (6:45) because I have a meeting before school. Yet another activity...Student Activities Board. I'm rather excited. I don't really know what it is, except that students are chosen from a few different areas of activities to make up the board. (A couple from Athletics, a Frosh, Soph, Junior and Senior Exec Board representative, Music, Mathletes, GIMA, Publications/media, Performance [me], Student Council, Cheer Squad.) On the agenda for tomorrow is "Purpose of Student Activities Board" so hopefully by tomorrow I'll know what's going on.

Speaking of activities...
A conversation I had with Steph about why I haven't joined AWARE yet this year. The 3 activities I discuss are Assistant Directing, Stage Managing (because these were definitely two separate entities and any time I wasn't at one, I was at the other. There was no break between them), and Producing STUNTS. I also have SAB that I mentioned above, though there is very little effort put forth there, and it's very infrequent (8 meetings for the year). Starting a week from tomorrow, Fall Play ends, and my STUNTS duties increase. I'm hoping that in the swap, I'll be able to pick up crew on a more regular basis, as well as attend rehearsals for STUNTS and add AWARE once a week. Heh. All this in the first two months of school. Yeah. I'm involved. Too bad it's usually all clumped as "theatre" and then it looks like I do nothing. They can all kiss my ass.
Tigger3833 (10:01:04 PM): so whats this...I'm too good for AWARE stuff about?
honeygailmarie (10:02:05 PM): It's not "I'm too good for AWARE" it's "I have already committed myself to 3 very large projects and until the Fall Play has ended and I'm left with only one, I really can't take on another activity"
honeygailmarie (10:02:30 PM): I'm only human, I can't stretch 45 hundred ways
honeygailmarie (10:02:50 PM): I plan to join up again after Stefanie closes....assuming I can
honeygailmarie (10:03:38 PM): The more activities I pile on, the less I can commit whole-heartedly to any one
honeygailmarie (10:03:54 PM): I'd rather sacrifice one than ruin them all
Tigger3833 (10:05:40 PM): yeah I agree with that philosphy
honeygailmarie (10:05:50 PM): I'm glad

Now I'm going to get some sleep so I can get to my meeting in the morning. Eep!

One last note: I love eyeliner.

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