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Don't you know what's out there in the world?

Princes yes, but wolves and humans too.

Lunch was good...I believe I said that earlier. And shopping at Old Navy? Maybe I didn't mention it. Hmm... a few new shirts, a new purse, and a nice coat from Old Navy. Fun fun. Then lunch at Olive Garden...yummy.

Kayaking was fun too. There were supposed to be 40 of us. There were only 10. So Amanda and I basically just hung around with Charlie, Eyal and Eyal's sister (I don't know here name. Eep!) It was highly entertaining. Once the sun started going down got really really cold. Brrr!!

Now I'm home. I quickly wrote up an agenda for the STUNTS Board meeting tonight. Debating whether 10 minutes is enough time to move into my new purse. Hmmm...

Either way, I have to get moving. I should be at Applebee's somewhat early-ish because I'm sort of in charge. Eh, it makes sense in my head.

And I'm spent.

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