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Have you ever.... *or* .... If boredom is contagious, I don't suggest reading this

Been so bored, you can't even sleep? I decided I would take a nap to try to cure my never ending boredom. Didn't work...I just couldn't fall asleep.

Found a couple scanners I want. Don't really have money for these, but I would really like one. Currently wishing I had an ATM card. And that Best Buy didn't just close 7 minutes ago. Oh well.

My website is still...well...there. I haven't put up anything new. Once I get a scanner, I'll be showing off my scrapbook. I'll also be able to post pictures of my kitty, and my room. I can scan concert tickets and other fun stuff. Might made a slash page. With links, and perhaps some original stories. Possibilities are endless.

I really want to get out of the house, but I don't feel social enough to plan a group gathering. I'd rather go do something solo. But there's nothing to do. Especially on Sundays. After 6. While being under 18. I can't even get into an R-rated movie. (70 days. Come on, that's nothing. They should let me close, yet so far away.) Allie only has 33 days, but then again...she can't go with any of us. Ha ha.

Sooooooooo board. Like Mouse Trap, or Life. (Ci will understand that and laugh.)

I find myself as these crossroad broken dreams, and I don't know what tomorrow might bring. Crossroads - Dexter Freebish.

Good song. I suggest downloading it. I wish I had something to download. *shrugs* I can't think of any good songs. Suggestions? PLEASE E-MAIL ME!! I need something to DO!

I'm getting desperate, and that just sucks. I need to get out of here. I need to go do something. Anything. Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Hmmm, watch On the Line trailer over and over and over again? Tempting, but then I'd have to turn off music, and that was the reason I wasn't burning CDs. I wonder what sister is doing. When I left, she and Zoe were cleaning. Blah. Right now that sounds worse that sitting and banging my head against the desk until I find something to do.

I have no energy left. I'm a blob today. I hate being a blob.

Wedding is in 5 days and counting. I feel so unprepared. I should be breaking in my shoes. I should be fasting so my dress fits better. I should be working on getting rid of tan lines. I should be doing something other than sitting at my computer all day.

Yeah, so this entry is sucking a lot. Making me depressed as well as bored, and that's just bad. Must go and ... do something now.

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