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Fun, fun, fun

Today, mommy got back from the train at 1:30 and volunteered to take Zoe for the afternoon, so before I picked her up, I took Zoe and Candace to visit Nikki and Lewis at their respective businesses (stores right next to each other at Deerbrook Mall). After Mommy and Zoe went home, Candace and I had about 3 and a half hours before getting to Caitlin's House (where we hung out today) at 5. In our boredness and extreme dislike of all social activities in this town (over-priced movies and over-priced stores with snobby people), we decided to journey to Long Grove. It's a little town full of cute little shops and is very touristy, but so cool. We hung out their for a couple hours, spending my last $5 on two carmel apples (they were buy one get one free) and a bottle of water. I'm now totally broke, but with Friday coming up, I'm getting paid. However, $70 of my $100 is going to buy a Season Pass for Six Flags Great America (f*ing rip-off). We are going on Sunday, and if I go twice this whole year, it's worth it.

After Long Grove, we headed back to Candace's to pick up Muppet Treasure Island and Toy Story 2. We also had to make phone calls and arrange the shin-dig. After, we were bored and still had about 45 minutes, so we went back to bother Lewis some more. He got let off work early, so we went shopping at Jewel for pizzas, chips and salsa, then finally got to Caitlin's. We watched Hackers, Muppet Treasure Island, and the first 15 and the outtakes of Toy Story 2. [We were supposed to watch Goonies instead of Toy Story 2, but I beat Lewis in rock, paper, scissors. :o) ] We got kicked out of Caitlin's at 11. From their, Amanda, Lewis, Charlie and I came to my house to play Super Smash Bros. I took Amanda home at midnight (ha ha, curfew) and returned to my house to finish our game. Lew and Chaz left about 5 minutes ago, so now the house is quiet, leaving me the only one awake. Talk about boring. Oh well, at least I have my LiveJournal.

Tomorrow night, I think we are having some sort of big barbecue thing here for family (I never get informed, because I'm never home when it counts to be home), I'm not really sure what's going on. After, I'm hoping to go out a bit.

However, the group will be smaller because Lewis and Caitlin are going on their first date (awww). Ha asked her out about two weeks ago, but conflicting schedules kept them apart till now. They are going mini-golfing, then Saturday, they are going to the Botanic Gardens. How cute? I sooo want a boyfriend. Arg. Especially someone who can be my date to my sister's wedding. I was considering asking Mikey, just as a friend, because he's cute, nice and looks damn good all dressed up. I don't know, I haven't talked to him in about a week. And last time I did, I sort of blew him off. See, a couple weeks ago, at Candace's Birthday Party, Allie and I played a game of Badmitton agaist Ben and him. We made a bet, and though the original terms were to strip, we VETOED THAT and revised it to the winners being treated to lunch. Needless to say, Allie and I lost and owe them lunch. We were supposed to go last Friday, before Allie left for Costa Rica, but we sort of didn't set up plans for it. We both saw this as a bad set-up, and way too double-dateish. They are both good guys, but Allie doesn't like Ben that way, and she didn't want to be leading him on, and Mikey and I are just good friends. I could still go with him to a wedding though. Maybe I'll call him sometime.

How exciting is this? A couple days ago, when I was eating dinner at my sister's apartment, I had a Snapple to drink, and under the cap I won a Hit-Clip Key Chain. I'm not real sure what it is, but it's pretty cool, I usually don't win stuff.

I think it's about time for me to call it a night. I'm sure I'll be back in the morning, worshiping the fact that it's a Friday. I love Fridays, I really do.

::My Music of the Moment::

In head:
*Spin Around - Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack

On mp3 player:
*You Don't See Me - Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack
*Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - U2
*No Strings Attached - NSYNC
*Come On - Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack (I swear, it is playing on random, they just aren't being very random.)
*Something About You - Five for Fighting
*That's the Way Love Goes - NSYNC (version of Janet's song)
*Slide - Goo Goo Dolls
*December - Collective Soul [see, I listen to a bunch of different genres. Almost anything but twangy country, bad rap, and dull classical. I do listen to some country, rap and classical though.]
*China - Tori Amos
*Pride - U2
*Tell Me a Fable - Robert Miles (from Ever After Soundtrack)
*Drops of Jupiter - Train
*Africa - Straight No Chaser (acapella group from Indiana University, cover of the Toto song)

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