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Here's to goodbye, tomorrow's gonna come to soon

Anyone who says that a taffy apple (specifically Affy Tapple with nuts) and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream isn't a healthy breakfast...

Well, you'd be right. But that's not stopping me. In the least.

I was thinking of this song again and it reminded me that I should turn in my housing for Iowa and Indiana. I'm pretty sure I'll go to one of these two schools, so it's not like it's be a waste. Altogether $50 non-refundable if I go neither. So...

I guess I'm going to college.

I still need to pick up my NU form. And soon. They have 5 essays, dammit and I need to start working on them. *kicks Northwestern* I'll probably have to go down there some my free time...that I don't have. *kicks Northwestern again*

I love the Inspector Gadget theme, but waking up to it blasting in your ear at 10am while your mother tells you that they'll be going out to lunch at the Olive Garden is not a pleasant way to be woken. Okay, well...lunch at Olive Garden is good. Sisters are good (and I think all three will be there. Fayanne's in town this weekend and a note upstairs said that Emily would be coming. I assume Cici will be there...?) So yeah. I'll have to shower soon.


3pm, meeting at school with my APES class and the Earthworks club to go kayaking in the Skokie Lagoons. I'll get home a little after 6.

8pm, meeting the STUNTS Board at Applebee's for a meeting...our last before rehearsals start next Monday. This reminds me that I need to prepare an agenda with the info each of the troupes sent back to me.

And's shower time.

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