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Froh die Gaben schoener kunst

Today is a 6.

About half way through the day, I developed a massive headache. Then my tummy has been bothering me all day. And my arm hurt. And the HEAT in the Studio theatre was nearly unbearable and we almost had two people pass out. It was heinous.

And it was Grandparent's Day. And I have an unusual fear of old people. It's not that I hate them, I just dislike them a lot and am scared to come in contact with them. Come on, we all knew I was crazy.

And I ditched gym to go to the Multi-Variable Calculus class today. I went a lot last year and hung out with the three guys and Gasper. This year there are 5 kids...two guys and three girls. But still Gasper. Whom I adore. He really wasn't the greatest teacher, but he's a really good guy.

Tech. Went pretty well. I got to actually do my job! And I did it well too. I actually got through the act. In a little over 2 hours. No more two day cue-to-cues for one act. That was just insane. Tomorrow we start at 8 and run until 5. Hopefully we'll get two full run-throughs in...with costumes and such. Good stuff.

OH!!! And my friend Jenny is in town! She goes to the University of Miami and is home for a weekend. I saw her a bunch today as she stopped by school and came to my Company class. Tomorrow night, she arranged a Flat-Top dinner in Evanston. A bunch of Seniors [Edit: and by "Seniors", I mean sophomores in college. I still think of them as my Seniors and I can't believe that I did that without even thinking. Sheesh!] will be there (Bridgette, Mary, Elliott) and Jason and I. I'm not really sure who else. I assume Candace, but I don't really know beyond that. Jenny said about 10 people, so that's 7 right there. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I'm so excited!!

For now though, I must be off to bed. I need to wake up early tomorrow...around 7. Criznazy!

Night night all!

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