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And I'd say it on the phone, if I thought you were alone


So much to say....

First: I was leaving school today, and there was frost on my car. There was FROST on my CAR as I was LEAVING. What the fuck?? There isn't supposed to be frost at 9 o'clock at night! Who authorized this??? I want names, NOW!!!

So yeah, I had to scrape my windshield. Pft!


I GOT INTO COLLEGE!!!! Three of them even!! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!

I was accepted into Indiana, Iowa and Eastern. Eastern said I could get into the Honors College. Iowa will give me $5500 for the next 4 years to go there. And I'm just really excited for Indiana because right now it's my 1st choice school.

Go Hoosiers!! I'm actually wearing my IU Hoosiers tee-shirt right now, because I'm that much of a dork.

Third, tech is going slowly, but fine. We started a cue-to-cue but because I'm calling the second half, I didn't do much today. Well, I didn't call anything today, I did a lot in the organization and placement of cues (I got to do the second act...oooooo) and answered all questions thrown at me quickly. Twas good. Now tomorrow we'll see if I still have my touch for Stage Managing. Eep!! :-\

Fourth, I still have "Hopeless" stuck in my head. Because it is an incredible song. Simply amazing, and I love Train.

Fifth, more about Beyond Ravinia...

At 9am, we received a folder with a schedule of events (speakers and such) and then a list of our interview times.

At 9:30, there was a general speaker in the Auditorium that all the Seniors and parents (if they were there) sat in on. It ended at 10:15.

At 10:30, the first interviews began. That was Indiana. Because of the number of kids who apply there, they have a large group informational session and then you receive and envelope at the end saying whether you were accepted or deferred (no one is rejected at Beyond Ravinia). So I went with the 40 other DHS Seniors applying to IU and listened to a very nice admissions guy. Very adorable and funny gay guy. After a 25 minute presentation, we got in line to receive our envelopes. And yay! The first word was "Congratulations!"

That ended around 11, and my next interview was at 11:10 with Eastern Illinois University. I hung around in the Exhibition gym where all the colleges had their booths (except Indiana and Wisconsin: Madison...because of their large draw, they get those big group meetings in the North gym). At 11:10, I went and met with the Eastern lady, who was very nice and told me everything I needed to know. Very little talking on my part, which was good because I didn't have any "questions prepared" or that shit. All was good.

That lasted about 5 minutes, and my Iowa meeting was at 11:30, so I just hung around the gym (there were tables in the middle where students could wait and congregate) and talked to Zoe for about 15 minutes. Iowa was another painless interview. About 5 minutes, he did all the talking and explained everything I needed to know. I got a big packed of stuff from him (the Eastern woman too) and when he finished, I went to class (which started at 11:34).

Three acceptances in 45 minutes. Damn good!

Sixth, oh, and Doc Hoyer didn't come to class today (he does that sometimes...) so I had 6th, 7th, and 8th periods free. 5th was Chorus and 9th was my Theatre 1,2 class. I had no school today!!

Seventh, posing for pictures that are being taken... random John Mayer "Comfortable" in head. Train is still better, but whatever. ;)

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