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Get your booty on the floor tonight....make my day

Ah yes. Sleeping for nearly 10 hours is really, really nice.

*yawns happily*

And I've already had a yummy bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. And for the next 2 and a half hours, I'm planning on doing a whole lot of nothing. Maybe watch some daytime TV. Get a little lunch in a couple hours. I don't have to leave until noon.


AND!! I have all my Theatre Fest money and forms ready to turn in today. Hee hee...I just got it yesterday. They haven't even been distributed to the theatre classes yet. But they only take 32 people. And though I have priority, being a Senior on crew and in the theatre program...I just really want to go!! Three years in a row, baby!!!

:D :D :D

And finally...

LJ Info
01) user name: gailmarie
02) journal name: Gail (creative, n'est pas?)
03) # of people on your Friends list: 44
04) # of people who list you as a Friend: 34
05) do you have LJ Friends who live in your area?: Peter and Zack. Lewis used to live around here, but is now at school in Rochester, NY and doesn't update anyway. My sister, Cici lives about 15 minutes up the road and I see her often. So bam. But none of these people were met through LJ...I knew them all before.
06) length of average entry (short, medium, long): Somewhere in the medium to long range. Usually if I'm making short entries...there are a lot of them.
07) how often do you post or link pictures?: Not too much. The last time I did that, I linked and posted a picture from my Homecoming pics (found at ;) )
08) do you use the spell check feature?: All the time.
09) are most entries Public or Friends Only?: It used to be all public, but there are times that I definitely go through spurts of Friends Only, and recently too, I've been using it more.
10) is there a reoccurring phrase or theme in your LJ?: I generally talk about what I did during the day, so school, rehearsal, crew...they are all pretty prevalent.

Personal Shyte
01) parents (divorced or still married): Grrr....still married. >:-O [and can I say that I love the wording of this question? It's not "Married or divorced" it's "divorced or still married." Hahaha!]
02) #, age and sex of siblings: 4 total (I'm the youngest of 5). Cici - 29, Dave - 27, Emily - 23, Fayanne - 22 (and much younger at that...)
03) at what age was your first full kiss?: 17
04) do you hold hands in public w/ others?: Well, I do a lot with friends (girls are clingy like that)...
05) are you more outgoing or isolated?: Depends on who you ask. I would probably say that I'm not isolated, but I tend to be quiet. Any number of my friends would tell you that I'm never quiet and very much outgoing.
06) one word to describe your current mood: Flemmy? (eww)
07) two words to describe your desired mood(s): Loved, happy
08) three words to describe your current job(s): Don't have one
09) your favorite four letter word: Fuck. I use it often...
10) your favorite of the 5 senses: Sight.

Music Matters
01) do you put on music to sleep?: Nope, it keeps me up.
02) approximate # of albums in your collection: 150-160-ish.
03) do you sing along to songs you know?: All the time! (I sing along when music isn't even playing...there are always songs in my head)
04) do your friends have similar tastes?: I suppose. I have a really wide variety, so it's more like their tastes are already incorporated into mine.
05) do you make mix tapes/cds for friends?: Not so much. Too much work.
06) what songs/artists would you put on a mix for mom/mother figure?: Country stuff...I don't know what specifically because I don't talk to her so much
07) did your parents/caregivers influence your musical tastes?: Both of my parents tend to (or at least did, back in the day) sing along to the I took that and flew with it. ;-) Also, they have both listened to Country music for as long as I can remember (probably since I was 5) so I know a lot of random songs, and do on occasion enjoy turning on the local country station.
08) do/did you use file sharing programs to exchange mp3s?: Yes, of course.
09) do you make music of your own (band, dj or composer)?: No. Definitely lack the talent there.
10) what was the last band/album you bought?: Ha ha...I think it was BBMak.

Daydream Beliefs
if money were no object..
01) where would you live?: I like Chicago though... I guess if money were not an object, I would like in a really nice condo in the the ones across from Navy Pier where Oprah and Sammy Sosa live. Those must be fucking beautiful.
02) would you pursue more education? in what field(s)?: Well, I would go to college, that's for sure. And definitely go into theatre, because if money were no object, it wouldn't matter if jobs were difficult to find.
03) what kind of transportation would you use?: BMW Z3 for the summer, and maybe a nice Jeep Grand Cherokee for the winter.
if a time machine were available to you..
04) which time would you like to live in?: Well, I'd want to live in my parents time. They grew up in the 50's and lived through the 60's, and that's one of the most fascinating time periods to me. Plus, they are still around now when we have a lot of technological advances that just makes living more interesting.
05) what specific event would you like to witness?: FDR's speech after Pearl Harbor.
06) what event would you change, if possible?: Probably the Holocaust.
07) what historical figure would you most want to meet?: Abe Lincoln comes to mind...but I'd probably rather meet FDR or Kennedy (big into the presidents...)
if you had unlimited time/lifespan..
08) what language(s) would you like to master?: Peut-etre, je voudrais continuer apprendre le francais, parce que je connais beaucoup maintainent, donc se n'est pas dificile de complet. [read: Maybe I'd continue to learn French since I know a lot now so it wouldn't be hard to finish. And if that wasn't completely grammatically correct, I apologize. I dropped French this year. :( ] Also, I'd like to learn Italian and German.
09) what would activity/sport/hobby would you take up?: I'd probably work on my art skills...drawing and painting, ceramics. Maybe take up a sport...badminton, cycling.
10) what would you do to better the world at large?: Stop cutting down rainforests. Enforce greater recycling ordinences....and that's just to stop the immediate depletion of the entire earth. I suppose I would enact a "let other countries run themselves how they see fit" because democracy isn't right for everyone, so we shouldn't shun those who are Socialist or Dictators. This would hopefully end wars. That and getting rid of all nuclear weapons and technology. I think that would be a good start.

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