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Hope seemed like the summer birds...too swiftly flown away

La la la...looooong day.

Classes...well. I suppose they were fine. By the time I get to this point in the day, I never remember really how they were, and always say that they were "fine," "okay," or "could've been worse" only because I don't really recall how they actually were.

My English teacher was out, so we had a substitute and a lot of fun. We definitely did not do the work we were supposed to. It was busy work anyway. What the hell was she thinking?

Rehearsal was fine. It seemed long, though I think I was just tired. I have been a lot. And I got sleep last night. I'm just always exhausted. Blar.

After rehearsal, we had an optional crew for a few hours. Being Stage Manager, I stayed. So I was there until 10. It was fun though. And tomorrow starts tech, so it's actually mandatory to be there until at least 9. I'm usually there after I don't suspect I'll be home early any night this week.

Tomorrow is a late-start half-day. Class begins at 12:20. I'll be sleeping until 11:30, thankyouverymuch. Heh. If I went to bed now...I'd get damn-near 13 hours of sleep. I might just need that...

Wednesday is Beyond Ravinia. I think the speakers start at 9...but classes aren't until 11:30. And my interviews will be dispersed among those. I'm sort of nervous. I know for a fact that I'll get into Iowa and Eastern. Indiana though? I assume I'll get it. But I don't want to assume anything. So I'm staying tentative on this. [ :-/ ] I really want to get into Indiana though! *crosses finger*

Getting home at 10, I've already showered and shaved (and cut myself twice. Badly. Needed band-aids. Ouch and oops. I should be more careful...). I'm a bit sleepy, but I'll finish my friend's page and maybe drink some water. I'm so dehydrated!!!

So I'ma gonna go now. Maybe I'll be back later.

Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill...

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