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One, two, three-four-five, everybody in car so come on let's ride

Taking a small break.

After my last post at 4, I promptly napped...for two hours. I was awoken at 6 for dinner (Chinese!! YUM!!!), and dessert (a small ice cream cake for my nephew...who's birthday was October 1st, but his party isn't until the 26th. This was the first time we saw him since he turned 9).

Then, at 6:40, I began work on the dreaded English essay. It's actually going really well. It's currently 1-page, single spaced and is about half done. It only needs to be 2-3 pages, double spaced, so I'm golden.

So yes. I've taken a small time-out from writing that to a) go to the bathroom, b) get some Cheerios, c) update and d) read my friend's page. With any luck, I'll be completely done and edited in the next hour!

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