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They move so smooth but have no answers.


Planting trees for 4 hours sucked. A lot. But I basically stopped working after two, and we got let go a half-hour early.

So I'm home and showered, which is good because I was uber smelly.

Now, I'm really tired. But I have my English essay to write.

Oh. And the parents are home. Which automatically makes my mood plummet. And Cici is here with her kids. Which isn't bad...I mean, they aren't being loud or anything. But going from being alone in the house to having 5 other people is just. GRRRR!!! So basically, I call this my own personal hell. They should all go away.

I think I'll nap for a bit, before writing my essay. Rob was trying to make me go to Caitlin's for a party. I had almost decided that I would, and getting out of here would be nice. But I'm tired. And I don't know. If I leave, I won't want to come back.

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