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In our family portrait, we look pretty happy. We look pretty normal. Let's go back to that

Heh. So amazingly true...


I slept pretty well. Considering the near-20 hours I was up yesterday and how beyond exhausted I was at the end. Still, I woke up a half hour ago...and my alarm was set to go off at 11. Grrr...

At noon I have to go to school to plant trees by our "river" (the West fork of the North branch of the Chicago River) that runs through the back fields of the school...for AP Environmental Science. I'm not looking forward to four hours of planting trees...but we are required 6 hours of service PER QUARTER and first quarter ends at the end of October. I'm going to have to find another project thing to do before then. But dammit, I'm so fucking busy all the time.

Just had a bowl of the Honey Nut Cheerios I bought yesterday. :-D I picked them up before rehearsal...and while there, bought donuts for the cast. I'm so nice sometimes. ;-)

I'm feeling a bit better about somethings than I was before. I mean, I guess we are all busy people sometimes, and even if I'm home for 6 hours, alone and bored out of my mind...that doesn't mean that everyone else is just lounging around somewhere. I'm contemplating writing an email, but I think that's overkill and I'm still just sort of waiting.

Parents come home sometime today. Really not looking forward to it. I love when they are gone, and dislike it when they are here. They should be gone more often.

I need to write my English paper today. Most definitely.

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