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And when he is old enough, I will show him America

Because I'm bored and afraid that I will make an overly whiny post if left to my own vices.

[ Current Clothes ] Light blue hoodie knit sweater (tres cute!) and a nice pair of jeans. Also, pink fuzzy slippers.
[ Current Mood ] Indifferent toward not-so-good.
[ Current Music ] None. James Taylor is still stuck in my head.
[ Current Taste ] Honey Nut Cheerios...from a couple hours ago.
[ Current Make-up ] Eyeliner, concealer and powder.
[ Current Hair ] Really cute, straight but with a nice amount of volume.
[ Current Annoyance ] Myself. And these damn fruit-flies.
[ Current Smell ] Country Apple soap on my hands.
[ Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing ] Probably my English paper.
[ Current Desktop Picture ] On this, a country house thing. I call this one Mama's computer though. Mine has a pretty JC.
[ Current Favorite Singer ] James Taylor. Ha ha...
[ Current Favorite Group ] Matchbox Twenty.
[ Current Book ] I'm rather between books right now.
[ Current CDs In CD Player ] Four Stories Tall soundtrack.
[ Current DVD In Player ] Almost Famous.
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] Nothing. :(
[ Current Refreshment ] Ice water.
[ Current Worry ] What isn't a current worry. Oy!
[ Current Current ] I'm writing this entry because after Boy Meets World, the sucktastic Sister, Sister came on and I couldn't bring myself to watch it. I'm sort of hiding out...I'm on the screen name that very few people know, and even less should, and I'm in my empty and very lonely house. In about 45 minutes, Candace and I are going to Kenosha for dinner, then to Target to spend money on things we don't need and eventually ending up at school around 9 to help with One-Acts strike (tear-down) until midnight. Perhaps if I were feeling better, I'd be more excited. But honestly I'd rather sit around, bored as fuck, and do nothing in my house all night.

Voila. My life in a matter of minutes.

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