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Still building then tearing them down

Today was okay.

It was Friday! So that always helps.

Oh, for Zack (and Peter?), if you'd like to join in the shindig I'm planning for later, I'll probably be home a bit after 9 and calling before you show up would be nice. ;-)

Yes, I'm planning a little get-together because my parents aren't home and yes. That's what I do. Fortunately we are good kids, so it's not like anything bad will happen anyways. It's just nice to have the house to myself.

Now, I need to get ready to go to dinner with the Fall Play cast (we're meeting at Il Forno's at 6). After, we'll be going to the One-Acts [then I'll come home and have party. Whee!].

So yes. That's it. I'm so far behind in my friends list...but soon. Soon I will catch up.

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