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There's a difference between living and living well...

Morning. Blah.

Because I've been getting to bed "early" (sometime between 9 and 10:15 every night), I keep waking up before my alarm.

I guess it's good. I have extra time to get ready, and there for time to read my friends page and update my journal.

My parents leave to go out of town tomorrow. A wedding...or something. And my dad is sort of dressed up today. Like...non-work clothes, and he hasn't left yet, so I'm thinking he's not working. Whatever, I'll be leaving soon for school anyhow.

And according to this: gailmarie is a housebrick that keeps your teeth clean and never needs repairing.

I'm so multi-purpose!

Alright, so I'm going to get moving now. My hair is rather bleh today, but I look really cute in my new yellow ribbed turtleneck and my really really dark jeans. So maybe this can make me feel better?

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