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You drove me to the fire and left me there to burn

Oh my god.


How have I not heard this yet? How have I been torturing myself by not listening to this song??

Rob Thomas is a god. Seriously...a GOD.



In other news. School rather sucked. But I got my homework all done. So yay.

And rehearsal went well...considering. Carl is no longer pissed at us. So that's always a good thing.

Mama's actually making dinner tonight. Special occasion? No, she has to for church. Don't worry, she would never actually cook a meal for her family! Don't be silly!!!

*is not pissed at her mother*

[/sarcasm, eh?]

So yeah. Things are rather sour right now. Oh well. That's life.

I think I have a disease...*sigh*

I've got a disease,
deep inside me makes me feel uneasy, baby
I can't live without you...what am I supposed to do about it?!

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