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Hmmm....an interesting thought

I was about to decide what to do to leave this house. I know, I though to myself Why don't I go shopping. I could always check out scanners at Best Buy, maybe wander around the mall, pick up more Frappuccinos.

Good, right? It will get me out of the house? Well, why would I go to Best Buy where no one will offer to help me find what I'm looking for anyway, and I have to interact with rude people, and there isn't nearly as big of a selection as I could find on amazon.com. Also, amazon will provide me with actual people reviews, instead of the salesboy saying "Well, I don't really know anyone who owns this scanner, but the box looks professional."

Oh well, I guess I'm stuck indoors. (By the way, no hard feeling to actual Best Buy employees. I usually enjoy employees because they have to put up with the rude people all day, and I try to act as a patient, guiding light, and they usually enjoy helping me, cus I'm nice....like with the Dominick's lady yesterday. I didn't make a single comment about standing around for what had to be 15-20 minutes while she figured out what was wrong. I was completely understanding. Computer systems get screwy sometimes. There's nothing she can do about it. Why would I get angry at her? So I stood quietly and contently until she was able to give me my money. I thanked her and told her to have a good day.)

Amazon.com...here I come!!

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