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Extreme randomness:

-That damn Dixie Chicks song ("Landslide") has been stuck in my head for the past 24+ hours.

-In a thriving economy, the more money you have and spend, the more money you will get back. The same is true for friends...(put forth the effort and you will be rewarded).

-No one should have to wake up before 8:30...ever. My alarm goes off at 7:15. Grrr...

-I don't get Columbus Day off of school, but fear not! Veterans' Day is all mine!!

-Doctor Lady #2 was fine.

-Friday, I'm going to rehearsal, then going to dinner with the cast, followed by the entire cast going to see the One-Acts. After, I will have a shindig at my house because the parents are out of town. Damn straight.

-Saturday, Candace and I might be going up to Kenosha to get Fazoli's. Seriously...45 minutes is a small price to pay for those breadsticks and that pasta!!

-Apple + Fruit Medley V-8 Splash = banana??? [I don't get it either, but my breath agrees...]

I'm done. Might be heading to bed soon...might.

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