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So Close....

I was _this_ close to being able to surf around journal. I got to read my friend's page, then BAM! Error message. Reload less and it will work more often. Screw that...*reload* *reload* *reload* *reload* *reload* *reload* *reload* *reload* *reload* *reload* *reload* *reload*

It didn't work. Damn. Oh well, I didn't think it would.

I spent the morning/into afternoon updating my website and making a program for my sister's wedding. They are both spiffy. I think I should be able to copywrite the wedding program, or at least put a Designed by gail logo. Mommy probably wouldn't approve that. Zut alors.

You should visit my website Poofgone. It's damn cool. Well, it will be damn cool, but for now, it's impressive for a first attempt.

Feel like I need a drink, but since that's illegal for a person of my age...I will have another Frappuccino. (I knew I should have bought 2 4-packs). Mmmm...caffine...the legal addictive drug. Well, that and tobacco. But tobacco's only legal if you are over 18, so the statement still stands as correct.

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