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Tie me to the bedpost


Alright, so right away I am refusing to take responsibility for anything I say here now. I'm probably not actually awake so much, or just really shouldn't be. So there. Not my fault. Whatever I say.

Originally, I went to bed at 9. I woke up a little bit ago, so I've gotten a few hours of sleep, but I feel like absolute crap right now. My throat especially hurts like hell, so I'm now drinking ice water (though I should probably be drinking something with vitamin C).

And my tummy's a bit squeamish. Not like I'm going to be sick, but like I need to burp a few times or eat something calming to settle it.

So now it's 1am, I'm not feeling good, I have 6 more hours until my alarm goes off, and I've only gotten 3 and a half hours of sleep so far.

Can today be my sick day? Call in and then lounge around the house for a while. Make chicken noodle soup for lunch, and watch as many cartoons as I can...because I can.

Mmm...sick day...

*sigh* It won't happen.

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