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Parent Night tonight.

Despite school ending at 2, and rehearsal starting early and ending around 4:45...I still wound up there late. I had to drive Eric to Highland Park so he could pick up his car from the mechanic...so I had to wait for him to finish everything school related.

The day was short...but oh so long! Blah. And Senior's all-black day was very anti-climatic. *sigh* This makes me think that the year will go easily though. No crying over the "lasts"...just moving on to the next thing. Maybe.

Tonight, I was planning on watching Friends or whatever because I have no homework (yay!) but then I remembered that CSI is on tonight! I need to go to Cici's!!! So I'll watch Friends here, and then book it up that way by 8.

I miss Jason. I think I need to talk to him tonight.

Politics, while so enjoyable, really sucks. Like...I love to get into political things, whether involving government or STUNTS, but it can be aggravating...which I also love. It's so strange. Either way, there are some political issues right now in crew (a couple guys are being total dicks) and despite the irritatingness of that, I really like that. I'm strange.

I need to go find a television quickly, so I can watch Friends. Whee!

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