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Alright, so maybe Whitney was right when she said I had a dirty mouth...

I decided to check just what she may have read that I said, because I was sure things couldn't have been that inappropriate.

The classics (as quoted by Gail on

"It doesn't take a lot to get a boy excited."

Jason: We should go to Baker's Square and get pie!
Chazz: What's 'pie' a codeword for? Water?
Jason: Fat?
Gail: Laid?

Carly: Does Charlie really enjoy classical music?
Gail: Yeah...he listens to a lot of weird shit.

"The way I see it: I have the rest of my life to get drunk and see naked men."

"I hope Charlie disappears so that I can spread my legs."

"Bitner thinks I'm a whore. That makes me happy."

"Can I be your piano bitch?"

What? Is this not me being a good example to the kids?

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