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Your hair, it's everywhere. Screaming infidelities and taking it's wear


I was reading posts of mine from back in July. Fucked up, yo.

It's hard to think that things were two months ago though. Like I gave up caffeine at the end of June and it's October already. And I still remember Rob's 4th of July picnic really well...and yet it was a long time ago.

Time flies.

And I miss summer.

And I should really get to bed.

SHORT DAY TOMORROW!!! WOO! It's parent night, so school gets out at 1:53...32 minute periods. Coolio.

And the weekend. Shit, it's going to be huge. Senior year Pep-Rally Friday Night. Then the Homecoming Game and Dance the next night, and of course all the festivities surrounding that.

I'm gonna sleep now. :)

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