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At night she lies awake and she wonders 'Why can't that be me?'

Surprisingly good day.

I really like my IU Hoosiers shirt I was wearing today. Though it was a constant reminder that on October 16th, I will know if I got in. *eeps!*

Finished my English homework...half yesterday because I'm a good kid and the other have during my free period this morning.

Handed in my APES paper...and need to do a bibliography to turn in tomorrow. Whoops. Also finished the annotation homework in class today. I'm such a bad kid.

And then!! Funny story!

Whitney is one of the sophomores in my Theatre 1,2 class...
Whitney: Do you know Jason Crystal?
Me: *caught off guard* ...yes?
Whitney: I was reading his quotes page. You have a really dirty mouth.
Me: *laughs nervously* Oh. Yeah, we are really good friends. How do you know him? Becca?
Whitney: Yeah, I'm friends with Becca. And I practically lived at their house. He's evil.
Me: Jason's evil? *laugh*
Whitney: Ask him about me. He'll probably say he hates me.
Me: Well, I definitely will.

Must remember to tell him about that. And it totally caught me off guard that my kids would find out that I'm not as nice as I seem! Eep! I think it was the "It doesn't take a lot to get a boy excited" quote that did me in. Whoops.

And rehearsal was fine. Cast lacks focus and cohesiveness. Will terribly ruin the show if we don't brush up on that. But during it, the Senior Teachers set up and decorated the Theatre Board. Yay!! But I need to take pictures of my class.

WEST WING WEDNESDAY!!!! I'm going to go make dinner and then watch. *is excited*

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