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You've got a fast car. Is it fast enough so we can fly away?

Things are looking up.

Doctor Lady #2 called me back and I set up my next appointment. All by myself. I'm actually really proud of me for this, even if no one else is.

And I sent out the email I've been fretting about for the past day. And all is looking good. Smiling and happy, and such. Confusing as fuck if you try to dig deeper, but the immediate threat seems to be gone. So yay.

And I finished my AP Environmental Science paper. It sucked a lot, but I finally found a site to give me the information I needed and I stretched a few facts here and there to make it all work. And my sketched of the thistle turned out pretty good.

I'm also showered. And feeling pretty good. I've been struggling with the beginnings of a cold (like everyone else), but I think I'll be fine.

And I washed the shirt I'm going to wear for jersey day tomorrow. Not quite a "jersey" per se...but it's from Indiana University and it says "Indiana Hoosiers" on it, so I figure it's close enough.

My computer has been giving me some problems tonight (I've already had to reboot once, and Explorer is giving me an error message), but I've been able to save and send everything before doom struck.

So I guess overall, I have been both accomplished and lucky today. Happy October.

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