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Kiss me, it's beginning to snow

Today was the day of doing things I didn't necessarily want to do.

1) Wrote an apology on behalf of STUNTS Board for not cleaning up in a room we used for auditions.

2) Called Dr. Lady #2

3) Took on responsibility to video tape the Fall Play run-through.

4) Took on responsibility to ensure the cast signs a poster for Mark Medoff.

5) Took on a position as theatre liaison for some student activities group with representatives from each organization. (I don't really get it yet either...)

6) Made myself dinner since the parents weren't home.

7) Took a phone call and message for my father because the parents weren't home.

8) Added quotes to the quote page on Jason's website.

9) Made a bigger deal out of everything I've done for the purpose of being pitied.

10) Semi-swallowed my pride and sent a little email. So afraid it will be misconstrued or open a can of worms I'm not ready to deal with. But. I'm tired. Of. Waiting.

Yeah...I really have to go write my APES paper now. Anybody know anything about Hill's Thistle? No? Didn't think so...

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