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Comes the day you'll say "What for?" more

Today is my nephew's birthday. He turns 9. He's in 3rd grade and that was the age I was when he was born.

Time really does fly.

This is my last post before school. I have a class at 10am. Chorus, but still. That's fun. Then free. Theoretically, I probably could have ditched chorus and slept until noon. But that would have been bad of me, and it's not like I wouldn't have been up anyway.

My 80's day consists of a side-tail and wearing a shirt with orange in it. Yeah...I'm creative. :p

I may send out an email later. Light-hearted and a "hey, what's going on?" Just because I can't stand the wait.

That's all. Me and my bag of Corn Pops are going to get to school now. I'll still be early, but whatever. It's always fun to hang out at our lockers.

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