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I sort of hate to ask it, but do you have a basket?

And another entry far too soon after my first...

1) I found $6 doing my laundry.

Note to self: Stop leaving money in pockets or it could be stolen by those who usually do the laundry.

2) I again have faith in wishing on stars and clocks.

Note to self: Give time limits and specific works. I swear.

3) This week is Homecoming week. Tomorrow is pajama day, then 80's day, Jersey Day, Class Color day (Seniors wear all black! Woo!!!) and finally Red and Gray Day (school colors).

Note to self: Remember these days.

4) Tomorrow is a late arrival.

Note to self: Set alarm for 10:15 and not 7:15.

5) The woods are just trees, the trees are just wood...

Note to self: Don't be afraid when walking through woods?

6) This is getting to be a stretch...

7) I love Lake Michigan as much as I love Chicago. Which is a hell of a lot.

Note to self: Sit along the shore more often.

8) I don't have to be up for school for another 12 hours. This kicks some serious ass. I just wish I had something to doooo!

Note to self: Having nothing to do is better than having a shitload of homework to be doing. Be grateful, bitch.

I'm gonna go do something else now. I might be back later. Who really knows for sure. ;-)

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