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And I fell into that fairy tale too...

"Yearning" is a horrible word (in my mind)...I just don't like it. But GOD! it fits.


Last night's festivities. Fun fun fun. Rob came over around 7, and Candace shortly after. We ordered Chinese food (yum!!) and while waiting to pick it up, went to Dominick's to order boutonnieres. So that's done. Yay.

We also picked up a box of donut holes (the really yummy Entimann's one)...which we would end up eating later.

We got the Chinese and came back here. Charlie came over, and shortly after, Zoe did too. I went to check on my AIM and see if anyone had left messages for me, and I noticed that John and Pat were both on. I assumed they wouldn't come, especially Pat, but I asked anyway, and they did end up coming!! Yay!

So we watched Dazed and Confused which is by far one of the greatest movies ever. We were all cracking up the entire time. After, it was about 11:30, and everyone went home except for Chazz and Zoe. The three of us watched Empire Records (it was a Lucas night :]). Chazz went home about halfway through, and Zoe decided to sleep over.

At 2, we crashed and I woke up around 11 when Cici and the kids came over. Zoe woke up around 11:45, but had to be home by noon.

So that was my evening, and morning. Yay.

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