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I can save you, I can take you away from here

Just got home from the Potpourri concert (band, choir and orchestra). It was relatively short...all ensembles played only a piece or two, and there were only 7 ensembles. It lasted a little under an hour.

Unfortunately, Chorale didn't sound so great. We only had two weeks to memorize our pieces (one of which we received last week and practiced only twice). Plus, Akers was gone for a week to have surgery. Now, Mr. Velleuer is a fairly good conductor, but his people skills need improving. Basically, all of last week, we didn't get the direction we needed to memorize the notes and words. And these weren't even difficult songs.


But that's over now, and all is well.

School today was fine. This morning, I guess I was a bit bitchy to Rob and he concluded that I was having a bad day. Later he asked if I was feeling better, to which I replied "I'm fine. When am I not fine?" with an overly-cheerful voice and smile. Then during APES, Amanda said that Rob had told her I was in a bad mood. Oy.

And I wanted to cry three times during Company, and was damn close at one point. Like...had to blink quickly and repeatedly to hold back tears. It was all a back-lash of last night though. And I've concluded to a lot of things about my life and myself. How I don't mind being a mother as long as I'm given warning. Doing it on my own makes me aggravated.

I don't know what else to say, so I guess I'll just go read my friends page and shower. Maybe get to bed early or something.

I can save you, I can take you away from here...
Yes, please.

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