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It's been a long day...always...

Well, not so much. Long yes, eventful...blah, no. I went to Best Buy cus I found a $20 gift card (whoo-hoo!). Unfortunately, there was nothing I was overly interested in. I decided I would buy Clerks on DVD. They didn�t have it. Okay, well, I never did get around to buying the Tabitha's Secret Live CD (though I have all the songs downloaded). Perhaps I�ll get that. Nope, didn�t have that either. "This bites, I�m leaving." So I did.

I went over to Dominick�s to return the Dexter Freebish tickets. Took forever, but I've really gotten to like the woman who works at the Customer Service Desk, Nancy. I felt horrible, cus it was taking so long to process the return and she had a headache. She looked sick and in pain. It made me so sad for her. Standing behind the Service desk was definitely the last place she wanted to be. And the kinds of people she had to deal with for the 10 minutes I was there, was unreal. I hate people. They are so unbelievably rude all the time. Yuck.

After, I went over to Ci's apartment. It was kinda dull, but all day has been like that. We went to dinner with the parents at a pasta place in Vernon Hills. Mmmm, baked mostaccoli...left overs will be lunch tomorrow.

After dinner, I made a stop by Target to pick up some Frappuccino (happy), and while walking to the checkout, I spotted the new issue of In-Style. I bought two, one for me, one for Ci, so I dropped off her gift before coming home. It is not humanly possible for Justin to be that hot. Damn it, but I want him really bad....grrr.

Currently, I am watching The Truth About Cats and Dogs. If you've never seen it, it's a *fantastic* chick flick that I would suggest to anyone.

Okay...this is to test out my HTML proficiency. Every once in a while, I glance over my sister's HTML 4 for Dummies book, and I learn something new. Inserting pics was my last lesson. Now I'm working on text.
Now the text is red.
Now the text is blue.
Now the text is teal.
Now the text is maroon.
Now the text is green.
Now the text is in Times New Roman

Okay, that's all for now.

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